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No Human Left Behind!
Seth Berner for Maine Legislature in 2012

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   Seth Berner
   Maine Green Independent Party

   Candidate for Maine House of
   Representatives, District 115

    District Map


169 Clinton St.
Portland, Maine 04103

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My Platform (Click links to read more)

Key Values of the
National Green Party
    Maine needs a progressive tax policy - Tax those who have,
not those who don't, and Maine will have more revenue and fairness.
Community-Based Economics
and Economic Justice
    Maine needs to save our children - Far too many Maine
children are living in poverty, sickness and despair.
Personal and Global
   Maine needs to commit to fighting climate change - Only an all-out
War on Pollution will give our children a future.
Concern for the environment
and Sustainability
   Maine needs health care for everyone - Insurance is not care,
and even people with insurance are losing homes and getting sicker.
Social Justice and Equal
   Maine needs to give human rights to everyone - We need
marriage equality and an end to racial profiling.
Respect for Diversity
and Equality
   Maine needs to make public education a priority - The ones we don't
teach are more likely to become adicts or criminals.
Grassroots Democracy
   Maine needs to revise our criminal laws - Alternatives to
incarceration can reduce crime and save taxpayer dollars.


   Maine needs to protect rights for people, not corporations -
We need a law to reveal corporate involvement in electoral politics.
   Maine needs to control our water - We're letting corporations
take it for nothing, killing our environment and our economy.
   Maine needs to stop focusing exclusively on jobs - that's only
part of the big task of creating a healthy economy.
    Generally, Maine should be run like a family, not like a business -
Businesses are based on competition and losers are left behind,
families are based on cooperation and those who are struggling are helped.

Voting Green in 115 has never been safer.

Many people worry that voting for a Green might split the progressive vote and let a Republican slip through. I could give you the numbers that would show that that is extremely unlikely to happen in this District but I'll make it easy. In 2012 there is no Republican on the ballot! That means there is no chance at all of a Republican winning. The race really, truly, completely is between me and the Democrat. This means that voting for me can not turn the district Republican, but it might turn it Green.

I invite people to ask me questions on where I stand and/or why. I particularly invite all who are interested to contact me and help with my campaign. I need volunteers to help brainstorm, pass out literature, knock on doors, talk with friends about me, write letters to the editor supporting me, put signs in their yards, and especially host little house parties where I can meet people in the district and answer their questions and concerns.

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Seth Berner for Maine Legislature - 169 Clinton Street, Portland, ME 04103 - (207) 775-2452 -

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